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Composition:  Each bottle contains 2 billion (2x10^9) spores of Bacillus clausii, Bacillus subtilis; Aqua purificata.

Form: Oral suspension - twist and drink, or mix with any drink or juice.

- Supply spores of probiotics that help to restore the balance of intestinal microflora, stimulate and promote digestion and nutrition absorption.

Dosage and administration: 
Suitable for daily use, no contraindication and safe for all ages.
Use 1-3 consecutive months to get optimum efficiency
- Children over 2 years old: 1-2 ampoules per day
- Adult: 2 ampoules per day, minimum 30 minutes after a meal
Please shake well before drinking.

Package: 20 ampoules (vials) /box

Shelf life: 24 months since the manufactured date. Opened bottles must be used within 24 hours to avoid pollution of the suspension. Manufactured and expired dates are printed on the bottle and the box

This food supplement is not a drug and should not be used as a replacement for drugs. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. 

The possible presence of corpuscles visible in the bottles is due to the aggregate of Bacillus spores and does not, therefore, indicate that the product has undergone any change in quality.

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